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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Year NEW YOU 2012

Please watch this video to give you a clear way of setting goals and achieving your dreams. Please share this video with others



Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New skill to beat a player.

I actually saw this skill used by Harry Kewell first. It is a combination of 2 different skills but is really nice if you pull it off.

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Latest stuff

It has been a long time since I used this blog. Thought it was about time it put something new on here!

The YouTube channel has done amazingly well so far. As most of you reading this will know, I tore my ACL and that was probably the worst injury I could have sustained.
The Youtube channel has had over 6 million uploaded views to date and over 1.2 million came in March alone.

Also I have received 14,000 subscribers so far and that shows you how popular the channel has become.

I have tried my best with videos and some have come out ok. most of the latest videos have been easy skill moves. Even though some are easy, they can be very useful in a game (as long as they are executed perfectly).

My knee is improving slowly. I'm about half way through my recovery and should be fully fit in september. (Fingers crossed!!!)

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask.


Friday, 22 October 2010

New Mitre training equipment and video plans

As some of you may already know I received a new Mitre Tensile ball to use in some of my videos.
I am planning some new videos and Mitre have kindly given me some new equipment to use as they liked what I had done.
When I got it, it felt like all my Christmas' had come at once! I would like to thank Mitre for everything so far. Hopefully this is the beginning of some really good things.
Here is what I was given.  Ultimatch balls, Futsal cosmos balls, mini skill balls, kit, goals, boots and bibs.
 All will be used in the videos. Just have lots of filming to do now!!!

I will be doing new videos based on when and where the skill needs to be used. This is a very important part of learning to make a better player.

If you want any feedback on products then please get in touch. email me on



Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Learn Rabona Fake Turn - Step by Step Tutorial

This is a very nice football skill and not often seen. A pllayer I played with when we were 18 used to do this. He was a very good player who never used "tricks" but strangely this was his only one. He went from non league and signed for a professional club at 18.

The ball in the video is a Mitre Tensile Matchball. If you like the ball and would like to win one for yourself then please visit www.facebook/mitre and go to the tensile competition tab.

Here is how to do the skill

First Thing you need to do is learn or understand how the Rabona works.

You need to pretend we are going to kick the ball like in the Rabona. The next thing is to drag the ball sideways behind your standing leg using the outside or top of your kicking foot.

Toe Stall - Step by Step tutorial

This is a very impressive skill once it is mastered. That was the key word "mastered".

The reason is, it takes a beginner a long time to balance the ball on their foot, but it takes a lot more practice to get to the next stage. Please watch the video and read the steps to help you.

Step 1.
Balance the ball on your foot.
Tips for beginners. Put it on your foot with your hands. Keep your foot under the ball and if the ball moves then move your foot under the ball.

Step 2.
Lift up your knee nice and high. This will help you achieve step 3.

Step 3.
This is also very tricky. With the ball still on your foot, you will need to extend and straighten your leg. Also your foot will need to be down and as straight as possible with the ball on the top of your toes.

Step 4.
This is where the magic happens. Very quickly you will need to pull your foot towards yourself so thief end of your toes are under the ball pointing to the sky.
This is very hard to do. Try and keep your foot under the ball. You will need lots and lots of practice. Don't just think this will come over night.

Any questions then please get in touch.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Mitre Tensile Football

Mitre kindly sent me this ball and it is very nice. Above is a video of the unboxing.

I'm not going to lie. It felt like Christmas and was so excited to open it. It took me back to my childhood from when I got the Mitre Delta football I wanted as a 9 year old.

Unfortunately due to my injury I can't hit the ball as well as I would like to, but the first thing I noticed is it travels faster in the air once it is kicked. I was amazed at how fast it did travel.
Strange as it sounds it is also really round! Some footballs are not perfectly spherical like this ball.

The ball is used by all 72 football clubs in the English football league. That's the championship, League 1 and League 2.

If you would like to win a Mitre Tensile ball worth £74.99 then please visit!/Mitre?v=app_4949752878

Also don't forget to join my facebook page.

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